The CUBIC OUTDOOR KITCHEN C1 stands for the individual design of your personal needs. Intelligent planning can make outdoor areas a lot more practical and easier. This outdoor kitchen follows this principle in a flexible design. The CUBIC OUTDOOR KITCHEN C1 is composed of different elements. A grill module enables the installation of a high-quality gas grill or a ceramic grill. The so-called sink module houses a high-quality stainless steel sink and an intelligent waste system. Additional storage modules create space for all utensils. A refrigerator can be accommodated in a further element. The linear shapes shape the overall picture and form a unit. The CUBIC OUTDOOR KITCHEN C1 can be planned as a wall unit, free-standing cooking island and as a kitchen block, or even in combination. Our KITCHEN IN A CUPBOARD can also provide the perfect complement.


If desired, the basic functions of CUBIC OUTDOOR KITCHEN can also be integrated into a cooking island. Thus your outdoor kitchen becomes a place for cooking and communication. With a kitchen island, people in the garden are in a common place. Water, fridge and grill are integrated in one central location. It offers a large working area for preparation, cooking and grilling as well as sufficient storage space.

The C1 block offers as much freedom as possible when designing an outdoor kitchen. It can be positioned against a wall or stand freely. The external dimensions of the kitchen can be adapted to your needs. We realise your individual wishes both in terms of the depth and shape of the kitchen. An L-solution is also possible here. In this way the grill, sink, refrigerator and dining area are perfectly integrated - the optimal CUBIC OUTDOOR KITCHEN for all those who like things to be comfortable. A bar counter also offers an ideal place for community.

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